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Aimeili Gel Polish

Aimeili gel polish is a new addition to the uv series, this epoxy gel polish is specifically designed to go into your nails's on the side of your head and is conjointly valuable for public areas. Aimeili's gel polish absorbs quickly and easily, making it facile to take off with a quick soak in a bath or hot water, the various colors make it effortless to find a sterling fit. Aimeili's epoxy gel polish is ready to be taken off in minutes with a quick soak in a bath or hot water.

Aimeili Gel Polish Swatches

Aimeili gel polish is a set of high-quality and easy-to-use polish builders, it can help you get the best results with your gel nails. Aimeili gel polish swatches show you how to make each polish, Aimeili gel polish colors are terrific for shoppers who itch to look their best. With cool shades that are both layering and style-friendly, these colors are top-rated surrogate to keep your nails searching their best, Aimeili gel polish is a top-notch tool for unifying your nails! The set doesn't require a top coat, and can be used as is or over each other to create an eur reborn nails! Aimeili gel nail polish gives a no-wipe top coat that will help keep your nails wanting perfect. The base coat is an uv led gel that will let you top off the look with a little bit of wetness, Aimeili gel polish is a new type of wet dry polishing must have for art naturals. It is an outstanding polish to keep your polish from time to time needed for your everyday job, the base coat and the top coat are both dishwasher safe and can be left as is, which is first-class for lovers first time polishers.