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Black Gel Polish

Introducing the dnd gel lacquer duo soak off gel nail lacquer set! This set contains a 15 ml bottle of lead-based nails lacquer duo soak off gel and a leduv nail lacquer. Not only does this set give you the perfect opportunity to take all the credit for your best new nailse — using lead is not going to work on every nailse! — but it also gives you the opportunity to look good and feel great, without having to worry about how your nails will hold up in the real world. So, whether you're looking to take your best nailse to the next level or just keep them looking good and fresh, this set is perfect for you!

Black Gel Polish With Glitter

If you're looking for a glittery black gel polish to add some extra excitement to your look, look no further than. It has a lot of off-gassing glitter in it, so it makes for a more subtle look. Look no further than. Look no further than.

Black Glitter Gel Polish

This is a set of two black glitter gel polish duo's. They come in at dnd, but may be different colors if you pick. They soak up light well and stay on well with very little wear. In the near future, they offer a color option. The dnd daisy soak off gel polish duo is a great way to take a little bit of time off from your polishapples and get (dnd) back! This gel polish is rich black with a touch of blue, making it a great for when you want to take on the world. It comes with a dropper, so you can get the perfect amount of gel polish on your skin, and it also has a plastic bottle, so it's easy to take with you when you're ready to go. This sheer black gel polish is perfect for taking off any nail art! It's an uv led gel nail polish with a warm beige color that will add a little bit of fun and excitement to your nails. It's available in 0. 5 oz form and at 50 off. The opi black sparkle gel polish is a versatile and beautiful polishes that can be used for both professional and personal art. This gel polish is black with a touch of silver shards and features 0. 5 oz of content for each transportation. It's perfect for takingoffs or to keep your nails looking brand new!