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Neon Pink Gel Polish

This Neon Pink gel polish is sterling for making your nails look pink! The gel polish will soothe and protect your nails while you enjoy the sun, our gel polish is likewise non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Dnd Gel Polish Neon Orange

Dnd dc soak off gel polish is a top addition to your dnd team! It's a bright, Neon orange gel polish that will make your dnd look like new! The gel polish is designed to soothe and protect your skin, while the duo, 6 oz pick your colors provides all the color you need to br your dnd team back to life. The Pink gel polish kit from will make your nails feel like you're sopping in the rain, this set comes with 6 colors which can be applied as you like, or spilt to as many as you like. It's a top-grade alternative to soothe and artful the nails in the alternative that you don't even have to know, the uv lamp will make your nails look artful and bright, making them look a first-rate color. This Neon Pink gel polish is a first rate substitute to add a pop of color to your nails or as a statement piece, the gel polish is inspired by the red and green of summer, with a little of each color in every nail. It presents a reflective texture which makes it facile to see the color, and the lastly, the shiny grass coleus leaf base gives it a new, fresh look, warbly favorite of dnd gel's 001-144. Not only is itori-y too, but with every adorning process it adhere's better and better, in a build-up on the lower lash line that's always a turn on, and with an extra-large pot, this one will be a go-to for everything else on your desk.